Hi, I'm Sam.

a face recognition system at PPCU


Facebook is doing some fancy stuff, Google is doing some groundbreaking research. Why shouldn’t we join? All resources are publicly available to make a working face recognition system, and this case study is about implementing & deploying something that could make our everyday life easier a bit.


The goal is a completely safe upgrade to our current security system that lets people who have signed up pass without their ID tag, using only their faces for identification. Why? For fun, for experience. This project is led by no financial motivations, but for pure science.

It is hard to trust such a system, especially when it is intelligent… This is why we have decided to make the whole source code along with the design steps available for anyone.

What Sam is:

  • a camera that looks at newcomers
  • a trained recognition system that guesses who they might be
  • a database of registered people who can be invited by Sam
  • an activator that moves the turnstile

What Sam isn’t:

  • a tool for counting people that logs their activities
  • a tool for faculty members to check students’ presence
  • definitely not an AI with personality (that would be cool tho.)

There are 3 main steps:

  • Pair IDs and faces
  • Train a recognition algorithm
  • Make that turnstile turn

In order to decrease the possibility of Sam letting in people who otherwise could not come in, we have to train it to distinguish people better. That’s the reason behind the current phase.

Contact us

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Many cool guys have taken role in this project so far, and that’s why projects like this can happen here.

If you have any questions regarding the

Python / C++ code base || Hardware implementation || Machine Learning theoretics

or you would like to join us feel free to contact us at the address below